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New ventilation association formed in France

FRANCE: AF Ventilation is a new French association dedicated to the development of ventilation and the quality of air in residential and commercial buildings.

Based in Paris, the Association Française de la Ventilation intends to bring together all “quality professionals of indoor air” and to act with the public authorities, French and European, large economic players and users, both in new construction and renovation.

It has seven founder members: CAPEB, the employers’ union representing the building trades; FEDENE, the Federation of energy and environment services; FNAS, representing the French plumbing, heating and air conditioning trades; UMGCCP-FFB, the Union of trades in climatic engineering, roofing and plumbing; UNICLIMA and SNEFCCA, the French air conditioning and refrigeration association; SYNASAV, the HVAC maintenance and energy efficiency services association.

Together, they represent around 150,000 companies, 400,000 jobs in France, 2,200 distribution points and 75 factories.

The founders of AF Ventilation say they intend to strengthen and coordinate their actions to take better account of the health and well-being of building occupants while taking efficiency into account energy systems with simple and inexpensive solutions.

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