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Quality and quantity of engineers is a concern

NETHERLANDS: Hvac installers across Europe see labour shortages and price competition as major concerns in the future, according to a new survey.

The latest report of the Netherlands-based European Mechanical Installation Monitor amongst 1,200 hvac installation companies in six European countries – UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Poland and the Netherlands – reveals that while labour shortages as a whole are seen as a problem, it is the lack of quality in the scarce labour force that is the major concern. In Germany, a massive 75% of companies saw a shortage of quality labour as the major problem. Although that concern varies across the six countries, on average over 45% saw it as a problem.

The quantity of labour was seen as a particular problem in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

Lack of knowledgeable and experienced people is an issue for the construction sector as a whole but the market is relying on product manufacturers to introduce products which will be quick and easy to use and install. These products could lower the need for both qualitative and quantitative labour and will be preferred in a time where quality labour is scarce.

Price competition was the next biggest concern, particularly in Germany and Poland. In fact Germany was the least optimistic of the six countries surveyed, with only 5% having no concerns about the future. By contrast, Belgium was the most relaxed, with 27% having no concerns.

Finding new customers was seen as a major problem by UK companies while, surprisingly, considering Europe’s perception of the already high standards in the Netherlands, it is installers in that country who have the most concerns about meeting the standards and requirements of new regulations.


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