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R513A an option in new Trane chiller

Trane-SintesisUSA: Trane is to offer an air-cooled chiller using R513A, DuPont’s low GWP, non-flammable replacement for R134a.

The refrigerant, which DuPont markets as Opteon XP10, will be available as an option on Trane’s recently launched Sintesis air-cooled chiller.  The option will be available in North America and Latin America from June.

The Sintesis is part of Ingersoll Rand’s EcoWise portfolio of more sustainable environmental products that Trane announced last year in Europe and includes Trane’s Series E CenTraVac running on R1233zd(E) and Thermo King’s new truck and trailer refrigeration products using DuPont’s Opteon XP44 (R452A).

R513A is a binary mixture of R134a (44%) and R1234yf (56%). It has a GWP of around 630 and carries the ASHRAE safety classification of A1.

The Sintesis air-cooled chiller covers capacities from 300kW to 1500kW. It features a micro-channel condenser coil, flooded evaporator, EC fans and fan diffusers.

Thermo King’s new SLXe trailer units with R452A will be available in February, with new factory units and retrofit kits available in the European Union later this year.

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