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RSL plans R404A retrofit refrigerant with lowest GWP

UK: Refrigerant Solutions Ltd (RSL) is set to introduce a new non-flammable A1 retrofit option for R404A and R507, with a GWP almost half that of other currently available alternatives. 

Designated as R470B by ASHRAE, the refrigerant will be available next year and marketed by Cheshire-based RSL as RS-51. Its GWP of 717 in AR5 is far lower than the other R404A low GWP alternatives R448A (1273) and R449A (1282) and less than 20% that of R404A.

R470B is said to provide an easy and straightforward retrofit option to replace R404A and R507 in existing equipment at low cost. No changes to lubricant are required and only “minimal” modifications to hardware will be necessary, it is said. For optimal performance RSL recommends to change to a TXV designed for R134a.

The new blend shares the same components as RSL’s other soon to be introduced refrigerant, R470A, but in different proportions: CO2 (10%), R32 (11.5%), R125 (11.5%), R134a (3%), R1234ze(E) (57%) and R227ea (7%). The glide is said to be 4.1K with a pressure drop of 0.5 bar in the evaporator. 

R470B is said to have similar properties to R404A including COP, cooling capacity, discharge pressure and discharge temperatures. RSL also claims that the new refrigerant has a higher efficiency than both R448A and R449A and a similar mass flow rate. 

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