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Safe use of naturals is IRI conference topic

IRELAND: The safe use of natural refrigerants is the topic of a one-day conference being organised by the Institute of Refrigeration Ireland (IRI) and Engineers Ireland.

With increasing environmental pressure on “chemical” refrigerants, there is increasing interest in the use of “natural” refrigerants for industrial and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning. 

The three natural refrigerant types – CO2, ammonia and the hydrocarbons – can offer significant benefits in sustainability, operating cost, reliability and life expectancy, but all three have characteristics that require care in their use. The aim of the IRI conference is to raise awareness of these benefits and hazards, and to inform attendees on how best to ensure that systems are designed, installed, operated and maintained safely.

The conference will take place on April 11 at the Clayton Hotel, Liffey Valley, Dublin. 

For further details and to book, click here.

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