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Support for cold room specification

DENMARK: Danfoss has introduced a new, dedicated support programme to help contractors at what it describes as a pivotal time in cold room specification.

Danfoss has urged contractors to be cautious at a time when a growing number of technical, environmental and regulatory factors have made specifying the right cold room technology more complex.

The Danish manufacturer maintains that rising energy costs, F-gas regulations and the Eco design directive in Europe – and EPA SNAP and AWEF in the USA – have complicated the picture for cold room installers in recent years.

With the focus on cleaner, more efficient technology and lower-GWP refrigerants growing, Danfoss says that client relationships and the need to protect food and perishables from breakdowns means these considerations cannot be addressed at the expense of reliability, maintenance or cost.

Danfoss believes these competing challenges are creating uncertainty for contractors, which could intensify further as organisations’ food waste and environmental track records come under scrutiny.

To help, the company has created a cold room programme, including application brochures, free e-learning courses, technical articles, case stories and resources, and digital specification tools – with support from Danfoss technical specialists worldwide.

This is all available via a newly-created dedicated website at

In addition, Danfoss has included a cold room application for heat load calculation and components selection within its Coolselector 2 component selection software.

Designed to provide users with a customised component list for cold rooms, users will now be able to carry out a complete cold room application calculation and have components automatically suggested based on their specific input.

Danfoss is backing this up with a number of new additions this year. A new version of its servo-operated solenoid valve – EVR V2 – is to be released in October which Danfoss claims will enhance the valve’s design robustness in more applications, increase functionality and make service easier.

The established Optyma Slim and Optyma Slim Pack outdoor condensing units will also be launched in North and in Latin America, respectively. The American range is AWEF qualified.

“Contractors often tell us they’re still not clear about selecting a lower-GWP refrigerant, or what the Ecodesign or AWEF directives really mean for cold room installation in practice,” says Stephen Gugliotta heading the Danfoss Cold Room team.

“As a leader in providing solutions for the cold room market, we feel it’s our responsibility to offer some much-needed clarity and support around new technologies and refrigerants at this pivotal time. More than ever, it’s vital that contractors make the right choice, and we are here to help.”

For more information, please visit the Coolselector 2 homepage.

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