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Tecumseh opens new training facility

USA: Compressor manufacturer Tecumseh has officially opened its new training room at the company’s headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The new room is now home to the second Tecumseh University training programme in North America.  In addition to Tecumseh University, the room will be used to conduct training seminars aimed at local refrigeration service technicians and authorised wholesalers’ counter personnel.

Opening the new facility, Tecumseh president and CEO Doug Murdock emphasised that the facility was also for customers and trade organisations to use. “Tecumseh understands the importance of training and education and we’re making a renewed commitment to our customers, the refrigeration and air conditioning industry and our employees to invest more in this area,” he said. 

Tecumseh CEO Doug Murdock performs the ribbon cutting on the new facility. Also in the front of the photo are, left to right, Ryan Burns, vice president, global engineering, Bill Merritt, vice president global product management, marketing and sales and Terry Nares – vice president, North America sales and marketing

Similar training facilities are being developed at other key Tecumseh locations around the world.

Increased sophistication of refrigeration systems, combined with the changes in refrigerants, refrigerant oils and, government imposed efficiency regulations are among the reasons that Tecumseh is investing in training.

“Customers rely on Tecumseh for understanding trade-offs of the various low GWP refrigerants, especially when it comes to the application of our compressors and condensing units and, the impact on system efficiency,” explained Bill Merritt, Tecumseh’s vice president – global product management, marketing and sales.

“OEM customers engage with Tecumseh in application testing and we anticipate that this new room will be used to collaborate with them on application test plans and to keep them abreast of our new products and development plans,” he added.

Tecumseh has been an active participant in AHRI’s Alternative Refrigerants Evaluation Programme with much of the testing being conducted in the company’s Ann Arbor facility, as well as its other technology centres around the world.

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