BELGIUM: Leading manufacturer Trane has finally added a chiller using the low GWP refrigerant R1234ze chiller to its portfolio.

The European launch of the Sintesis eXcellent marks the addition of a new air-cooled chiller model to Trane’s EcoWise portfolio of products with lower environmental impact.

While it is two years since Trane became the first manufacturer to adopt the HFO refrigerant 1233zd(E) as an alternative to R123 in its Series E CenTraVac water-cooled centrifugal, this is the first time the company has introduced an R1234ze chiller, and follows most of its competitors.

In addition to using R1234ze, the new eXcellent range is also said to employ the most efficient heat exchangers available on the market along with additional energy saving options such as partial and total free cooling. With capacities from 500kW to 1260kW, the eXcellent range is suited for critical environments like data centres, hospitals, large office buildings and industrial process applications.

The new chillers use less refrigerant than traditional tube/fin and flooded heat exchanger technology due to the micro-channel condenser coil and the compact, integrated, low charge (CHIL) evaporator design of the Trane Sintesis family.

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