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US industry urges prompt action on Kigali

USA: The AHRI and the Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy have written a joint letter to the leaders of the US Senate urging prompt action to ratify the Kigali Amendment.

The Amendment, which provides for the global phase down of HFC refrigerants, was approved in May by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and is currently awaiting ratification. 

The letter to Senate leaders Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell insists that ratification “will secure a position of strength for American companies in a highly competitive global market for next generation refrigerant technologies by creating new US manufacturing jobs and stimulating further investment in the US economy”. 

It emphasises that this will drive the growth of US businesses, stimulate investment in the US economy, sustain US technology leadership, open export markets to U.S. products, and protect US workers and consumers. 

“Failure to ratify would close these markets to US manufacturers after 2032 because the Montreal Protocol prohibits trade with countries not party to the Protocol or its amendments,” the letter states. “In the wake of US inaction, foreign competitors would seek to fill the technology void and displace American companies in a global HVACR market expected to reach $1 trillion in size.”

The AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute) represents 320 HVACR equipment manufacturers. 

The Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy is an industry coalition acting as the primary voice of manufacturers, businesses and trade associations who make or use fluorinated gases for the global market.

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