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Webinar offers new products and new insights

SWEDEN: Alfa Laval is to host a webinar to introduce a range of new heat exchanger products and provide insights into energy efficiency, clean energy, and the circular economy issues.

According to Alfa Laval, the launch event will focus on new ways to address some of today’s most pressing and conflicting issues, including the need to decarbonise the global economy while also producing more energy to meet growing demand. 

New products

The new products to be introduced are AC65, a new compact brazed heat exchanger optimised for residential heat pump applications; AC540, a series of brazed heat exchangers optimised for low-GWP and “natural” refrigerants; TS45, a large and versatile plate heat exchanger designed with performance and flexibility in mind and offering a wide array of plate configurations and material options; PCHE HyBloc, a range of printed circuit heat exchangers engineered for use as pre-coolers in hydrogen refuelling stations.

Webinar topics

According to Thomas Möller, Alfa Laval’s Energy Division executive vice president, the three topic areas – energy efficiency, clean energy, and the circular economy – are the core of Alfa Laval’s sustainability offering, and the heart of what the company can help its customers achieve.

The event will summarise the newest challenges and how they can be met. Experiences from new initiatives will be shared, including those from zero liquid discharge, as well as from the Alfa Laval service centre team.

The webinar is free to join. Registration and further details here.

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