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Webinar tackles US supermarket refrigeration trends

USA: Trends in the US supermarket refrigeration sector, based on 10 years of GreenChill data, will be discussed in an upcoming free-to-attend webinar.

The US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership programme works with supermarkets across the country to help them implement “greener” refrigeration strategies. At Emerson’s next E360 Webinar on June 20, Tom Land, manager of the programme, will present findings from GreenChill’s recent report examining 10 years of supermarket data trends. 

Since launching in 2007, the EPA’s GreenChill programme has partnered with companies representing nearly one-third of US supermarkets. Its goals are to reduce refrigerant emissions and decrease their negative impacts on the environment. To date, more than 350 individual stores have met GreenChill’s stringent certification criteria by demonstrating their commitment to environmentally friendlier commercial refrigeration systems with minimal leaks.

The webinar will cover emissions and refrigerant leak rates of refrigeration systems, types of refrigerants, transition trends, technology innovations and installed and emerging system architectures.

The webinar is being broadcast on Thursday, June 20 at 14.00 EDT. To register, click here.

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