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CO2 system helps Tegut to eco award


Tegut_Carrier_CO2TechGERMANY: CO2 technology from Carrier Commercial Refrigeration has helped a Tegut supermarket in Marburg-Cappel to become the first supermarket to receive a German Blue Angel ecolabel.

In order to receive this highly regarded environmental label, Tegut had to meet a number of key criteria including refrigerated display cabinets with glass doors, photovoltaics on the roof, use of natural refrigerants and LED lighting, leaflets made of recycled paper and on-site facilities for bicycles.

Carrier Kältetechnik Deutschland GmbH supplied Carrier’s CO2OLtec integral refrigeration system and energy efficient remote cabinets to the store, which helped achieve overall estimated energy savings of 30% compared to a conventional supermarket.

Set up by the German government in 1978, the Blue Angel award is judged by an independent jury and has been awarded to more than 12,000 environmentally sustainable products and services from approximately 1,500 companies in Germany.

Tegut chose Carrier’s CO2OLtec integral system for refrigeration as well as for heating of the store. All of the wasted heat created during the refrigeration process is collected and redistributed for heating via the CO2OLheat module. This integration of refrigeration and heating enables significant levels of energy efficiency, cutting energy costs by 35% while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50%. Refrigerated display cabinets with features such as glass doors, LED lighting and dual speed EC fans provide additional energy savings.

The food retail sector is responsible for approximately 1% of the greenhouse gas emissions and for around 3% of the total energy consumption in Germany. Food refrigeration systems account for the largest proportion of the total energy consumption at almost 40%, as well as for the largest share of the indirect greenhouse gas emissions from grocery stores in the food retail sector. Around 30 % of the total energy consumption is used for heating, around 20 % for lighting and 8% for air conditioning.


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