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ISD’s tallest clad-rack cold store

Cold-rack-isdUK-based ISD Solutions has completed one of the tallest single envelope clad-rack warehouses for leading Spanish pharmaceutical and healthcare giant Grifols.

At over 35m high, the €1.8m frozen and chilled storage facility represents a significant investment by Grifols for its new International Logistics Centre on the IDA Business Park in Grange Castle, Dublin.

The 12-month project involved the design and construction of two temperature controlled clad-rack structures to provide centralised storage and distribution for blood plasma products.

The supporting structure comprises a Jungheinrich high-rack storage system, with cranes and conveyors, which provides automated storage, sorting and retrieval, enveloped by high performance insulated panels to form a thermally efficient single envelope skin for each of the two buildings. In total 9,000m² of PIR insulated panels were used in the construction.

ISD Solutions had total responsibility for the insulated envelope and door design, creating both a high-bay frozen chamber supporting temperatures down to -35ºC and an adjacent 35m high chilled storage area. Achieving an efficient air tight structure was crucial and the buildings easily exceed design specifications with test measurements of 0.4m³/m² at 50Pa for both chambers.

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