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Lu-Ve supplies 500 coolers to Chinese mega plant

ITALY/CHINA: Lu-Ve has completed delivery of 500 unit coolers for the expansion of the Nansha International Logistics Centre in China, one of the largest logistics centres in the world.

The mega complex, comprising six eight-storey buildings, will have a capacity of around 500,000 tons of refrigerated goods.

It is located at the Port of Nansha, in the Guangzhou area of the Pearl River delta, one of the five largest infrastructures in the world for container traffic.

The complex will serve the cold chain requirements of the Jiangnan Fruit Market in Guangzhou and all major urban conurbations from Shenzen to Hong Kong and Macao, in the Zhū Jiāng delta. It will be used for fresh fruit and vegetables imported into China from all over the world, especially from North and South America, and for frozen products destined for export (mostly fish products).

Most of the unit coolers (450) supplied by Lu-Ve’s Chinese factory in Tianmen were from Lu-Ve’s LHS industrial range. These glycol units are intended for cold rooms storing products with a high moisture content and for freezing at temperatures between -10 and -30°C). Other compact unit coolers from the company’s low noise, high efficiency FHC commercial range were destined for positive temperature fresh produce cold rooms or frozen products down to -18°C.

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