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Remote monitoring keeps chillers running

UK: While record London temperatures on July 1 were too much for some cooling systems, ThermOzone’s RODEM monitoring system managed to keep all its remote sites running.

RODEM (Remote Operating Diagnostic Energy Monitoring) gives users the ability to access chillers located on their site from any internet connection, and reset alarms, make adjustments and, crucially, review performance.

With City of London roof top temperatures exceeding 40C at the beginning of the month, all RODEM monitored sites were effectively served even though the majority of the chiller equipment was operating well beyond specifications.

RODEM is installed at 22 sites, allowed the company to remotely monitor and adjust settings in order to keep the equipment online and prevent breakdowns.

Offering flexibility on pricing and install, RODEM has been specifically programmed offsite to enable quick install onsite, carried out by one of ThermOzone’s own engineers.

In the event of site call outs, up to the minute fault history and alarms status allows engineers to attend site with a better understanding of the customer’s situation and remedial works required. Security of the remote controller is kept to a maximum with IP security and pin code level access required for any changes to the set points.


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