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Seagreen puts wind in Ciat’s AHU sales

UK: Ciat air handling units are managing temperature and humidity in the transformer rooms for the world’s deepest offshore wind farm project in the North Sea.

Seagreen, which is also Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm, is employing two ClimaCiat AirTech AHUs in each of the three substation buildings to control the heat generated by the conversion of power up to 400kV.

The AHUs are installed in a run-and-standby set-up where three run for a week then are swapped for the other three. 

The modular ClimaCiat AHUs are equipped with high-grade filters to help support indoor air quality and maintain optimum year-round climate conditions. Ciat also supplied two matched condensing units per AHU.

Seagreen Wind Farm, a joint venture between SSE Renewables and TotalEnergies, achieved another landmark this week as the 114th and final wind turbine was installed.

The site is located 27km from the Angus coast in north east Scotland. Once fully operational, Seagreen will be capable of generating around 5,000GWh of renewable energy annually – enough clean and sustainable electricity to power more than 1.6m UK homes.

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