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Synecore ready for Pret’s 2019 roll out

UK: Kent-based M&E contractor Synecore will continue to support the national roll out plans for Pret A Manger at a further 12 Pret outlets and Petit Prets across the UK next year.

In 2017 and 2018, Synecore completed the mechanical and electrical contracts for various Pret A Manger outlets. These included some of the highest footfall Pret locations in the UK, such as Edinburgh Airport and Victoria Station.

In the last two months alone, Synecore was due to hand over a further four new Pret sites in London’s The Strand, Blackfriars Station, Cardiff Station and Chichester.

While the electrical installations have remained consistent across the majority of UK sites to accommodate the brand’s interior design scheme, the air conditioning and ventilation installations have varied depending on the site’s access, planning, available services and external plant space.

“The Pret sites all vary in terms of air conditioning and ventilation installations. The reason being, each site can pose a different challenge. Operating noise levels, available outside space and even aesthetics can cause complications when developing in built up areas,” explained Synecore’s mechanical director Gary Piper.

A Daikin unit at the Pret a Manger in Cardiff

“Cardiff Pret for instance did not have space for an external plant area. Fortunately, we’re very familiar with this scenario since we installed the very first fully integrated air conditioning plant by Daikin at Leon Restaurant in Fenchurch Street, London.”

He refers to Daikin’s “invisible” VRV IV i-Series has been designed for sensitive city and urban locations where space is limited and customers need to meet the stringent planning permissions and noise regulations. The i-Series brings the whole system inside by separating the compressor and heat exchanger. At the Leon restaurant, the compressor was installed in a cupboard under the stairs, and the heat exchanger integrated within the ceiling. The outside vent is concealed by a glass canopy.

“Daikin’s VRV IV i-Series is not only more compact, but also offers a higher efficiency compared to the standard outside units,” said Gary Piper. “The only feature visible from the exterior are the vents, which can be disguised within the building’s architecture. This system was ideal for Leon and now Pret Cardiff.”

Going into 2019, Synecore will kick off plans for 12 new Pret sites in the UK with a new development in Ashford, Kent, starting in January. The Pret A Manger store will open at the popular McArtherGlen Designer Outlet which is situated near to Ashford International Station. 


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