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Tecumseh sends 1700 Silensys to Russia

One of the Silensys installations at a Magnit store in Krasnodar

RUSSIA: Tecumseh has supplied over 1,700 Silensys condensing units to Magnit, Russia’s largest retailer.

The retailer already boasts over 8,300 convenience stores, 190 hypermarkets and nearly 100 supermarkets and plans to open at least 1,000 convenience stores annually. This year alone, Magnit plans to open up to 1,200 stores.

The Tecumseh units have been supplied to equip 375 convenience stores, ranging in size from 200-1,000m². Each store has one Silensys FH4540Z unit for each display.

Magnit’s convenience stores are mainly located in small towns, mostly in central and south Russia. In selecting Tecumseh, the retailer was looking for a silent and reliable outdoor cooling solution, offering resistance to local severe duty conditions: temperatures are cold in winter, but very high in summer. The resistance to sun was an important criteria. The noise level was also very important, being that  many condensing unit are located close to residential housing.

Tecumseh-Silensys-size-MHoused for outdoor use, the Tecumseh units are delivered pre-wired and preset for easy installation. Well-known for its efficiency and low noise level, the Silensys features an oversized condenser adapted to high ambient temperatures of up to 46°C and condensing pressure regulation adapted to very cold ambient temperatures. It also has a crankcase heater to protect the compressor during winter.

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