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Thanks to refrigeration, roses are red

FRANCE: In a new series of videos, Carrier Transicold attempts to explain the role refrigeration plays in ensuring that the millions of red roses to be delivered this Valentine’s Day arrive in perfect condition.

Part of its pan-European Cool Valentine’s Day Contest, which will see 12 consumers being surprised by a rose bouquet this February 14, Carrier Transicold provides a behind-the-scenes look at the journey that roses typically make from hothouse to vase.

The Cool Valentine’s Day Contest follows roses from grower to exporter, wholesaler to retailer with a series of online videos and animations that highlight Carrier’s temperature control and monitoring procedures at each stage throughout the cold chain.

“Our aim is to showcase how flowers arrive fresh on Valentine’s Day and demonstrate the integral role our transport refrigeration technology plays in the process,” said Victor Calvo, vice president and general manager, Carrier Transicold Truck Trailer International.

Composed of around 70-95% water, flowers are delicate and require precise temperature control during the picking, packing and transport phase to optimise vase-life.

Carrier Transicold emphasises that its transport refrigeration units optimise temperature control during long haul transport and help to ensure the roses are delivered fresh from the grower to auction.

These units are designed to maintain precise temperatures and control moisture levels, which minimises the risk of botrytis, a plant fungus, and mould spoiling any of the shipments.

To see the full journey visit www.coolbycarrier.com/coolvalentinesday.

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