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Trane keeps Deeside on top


UK: Trane Rental Services recently stepped in when a leak in the refrigeration system at a council-run ice rink threatened sporting activities.

When the Deeside Ice Rink at Deeside Leisure Centre experienced problems with its link refrigeration system it was essential to keep services operational. As well as being the National Centre for Ice Sports in Wales, and used by a number of sportsmen, it is also home to the Deeside Dragons, leaders of the National Ice Hockey League’s North 2 division.

Trane promptly supplied an RTAD150 air-cooled chiller rental unit, which would more than meet the demand needed to keep the ice rink’s ice frozen. This gave the Deeside Leisure Centre enough time to carry out the essential repair in order to rectify the leak on their permanent cooling system.

“Here at Deeside Leisure Centre, we work with top quality athletes like our ice hockey team, who are at the top of their league and British Figure Skating Champions amongst others. It is simply vital for us to ensure that the ice rink is frozen and all athletes can train and prepare for competitions without any disruption to their routine,” said Colin Hughes, the ice rink and evolution extreme duty officer.


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