AC controller with occupancy detection

unnamedMitsubishi Electric has launched a new air conditioning controller with occupancy detection.

The PAR-U02MEDA wall controller, will switch off the air conditioning if it detects that the room or space is vacant. It can be retrofitted onto existing systems, includes a backlit, touchscreen controller with a seven-day time clock, password protection and night setback function. A colour LED indicator shows the operation status.

The built-in occupancy detector simplifies installation by removing the need for additional sensors or wiring and can be set in individual minute intervals – up to 24 hours.

The detector can also be used in conjunction with an active timer so will only operate when programmed. It will also switch off at pre-set temperatures.

Each unit gives advanced control of up to 16 indoor units and further advanced features, such as weekly scheduling.

Mitsubishi Electric UK

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