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Adande cabinet claims B-rating without doors

UK: Adande has announced the development of an open-fronted refrigerated display cabinet achieving a B energy class rating, a rating previously only seen on cabinets with glass doors.

The new Bora cabinet employs Adande’s patented Aircell airflow management system and benefits from the “green” credentials of R290 refrigerant. 

Aircell replaces a traditional cabinet’s single air curtain with several individual short air curtains to divide the merchandising area into separate horizontal “air cells”. Cold air is channelled through guide vanes fitted within the Aircell shelf before dropping a short distance from the underside of the front edge of the shelf to be collected by the Aircell shelf below.

The smaller cells have a shorter air column, resulting in less pressure on the inside of the air curtain of each cell and a substantial reduction in cold air spillage. Aircell’s proprietary guide vanes are critical to the cabinet performance as they distribute the cold air evenly across the full shelf width to ensure that a strong and effective air curtain is maintained.

The Bora measures 1960mm (h) x 1330mm (w) x 765mm (d) and has a display area of 1.69m2.


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