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Airedale develops 4-pipe Artus

UK: Airedale International has developed a new version of its Artus hybrid fan coil unit with a four-pipe integrated heating and cooling option.

The original, single coil Artus first appeared on the market two years ago and has since found success in a number of landmark commercial projects. 

Working in partnership with design consultants, Arup, the hybrid system was developed, to combine the performance of a traditional fan coil unit with a 60% reduction in energy usage compared with chilled beam. 

The result is a unit that requires no secondary ducting or hatch access, with a four-pipe water system that allows heating as well as cooling with no mixing of water streams. Airedale says it allows consultants and architects to more easily specify chilled water systems, in preference to direct expansion units, in the face of ongoing refrigerant phasedowns. 

“The original Artus model has been particularly well received by specifiers prioritising performance, efficiency and ease of install on their projects and where ceiling height is at a premium,” said MD Antony Cole. “Due to its shallow depth of around 200mm, a 12-storey building can become a 13-storey building with the savings in required ceiling void space.”

The two coil Artus is said to suit buildings with a shell and core system with four pipe terminal units. The fascia can function with any hole configuration for flexibility of design and seamless integration with its surroundings.

Roger Olsen of Arup, who devised the Artus’ latest design concept, added: “Comfort and well-being were priorities during the design process. Noise levels can be precisely controlled, and with whisper quiet (NR25) levels possible, we are receiving interest for premium residential projects. The air distribution has also been carefully engineered so there is no uncomfortable air movement in the occupied space.”

Airedale International

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