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Aspen introduces “new technology” cleaners

UK: Condensate pump manufacturer Aspen Pumps has entered the chemicals market with a range  of products designed to clean and maintain air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

The new range also includes an industry-first selection of “green” probiotic cleaners.

Launched today, the new range of Storm Chemicals will be available nationwide through selected wholesalers and traditional distribution outlets. The product will be rolled out across the rest of Europe in the next two weeks.

Created following extensive R&D, the Storm Chemicals range is said to have been designed to offer effective and powerful deep cleaning of HVACR equipment to promote a healthy indoor environment and improve energy efficiency.

“Aspen Pumps are experts in the condensate management side of air handling. An important part of that process is managing whatever passes through our pumps,” said Vern Klein, Storm Chemicals’ head of business development. “Naturally we have had an affinity with service and maintenance products for many years because it has a direct impact on our equipment,” he added.

“What has happened is that technology has changed and equipment has changed, and what we build our equipment with has changed, but what we are finding is that the service and maintenance products haven’t moved on with that change which is critical when it comes to not only the environmental issues but the efficiency side of our business.”

Aspen says that unlike conventional cleaners, Storm Chemicals provide microscopic cleaning deep into the surface, beyond the biofilm, resulting in a longer lasting clean and an improved indoor environment.

“The products are easy to use and ideal for any regular maintenance programme, resulting in fewer call backs and improved energy efficiency of equipment,” said Klein.

The Storm range comprises: an evaporator cleaner and disinfectant, condenser cleaner, a universal coil cleaner, odour neutraliser, condenser cleaner and degreaser, case cleaner, an ice machine cleaner and drain cleaner. Also included is a specially designed cleaner for portable air conditioners, a leak detector spray, and a spray-on coil protector.


In addition, within the Storm range are a series of ground-breaking products powered by Green XL, the first probiotic cleaner on the market developed specifically for use in the HVACR sector. This uses ‘good’ bacteria to remove dirt and cleans beyond the microscopic biofilm layer, ensuring a product remains clean in-between service intervals.

As Green XL is 100% biodegradable, Aspen says that engineers don’t have to worry about cosHH restrictions for transport, use and storage, since it is harmless to people, animals and environmentally friendly too. In addition, the company maintains that the “good” bacteria help provide a healthier indoor environment with improved indoor air quality as they remove the “bad” bacteria and are healthy to breathe in.

Finally, Aspen will also be selling the award-winning and well established Gel-clear condensate drain tablets as part of the Storm offering.

Storm Chemicals

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