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Ciat adds Access to Floway range

EUROPE: Ciat’s Floway Access is a new single block compact air handling unit that’s fully compliant with the 2016 Ecodesign Directive and already meets the requirements of the next European regulatory upgrade.

Eurovent certified, Floway Access comes equipped with high-tech components as standard: EC motor, latest-generation heat recovery unit, built-in control, etc. The built-in control unit runs all the components and features an intelligent design that incorporates plug and play technology for easy installation, operation and servicing.

Ciat’s Floway range now includes five standalone dual-flow models:

The new Floway Access RHE employs a rotary heat exchanger and comes in airflows from 300 to 8,500m3/h.

The Floway Classic is equipped with a counter-flow plate exchanger that manages air flows between fresh air and extracted air from 300 to 6,600m3/h air flow range.

With all the benefits of Floway Classic, the Floway Classic RHE includes a variable speed rotary heat exchanger for optimal heat recovery.

For situations where no floor space is available, the Floway Ceiling’s small dimensions and reduced height are said to be ideal. Ventilation and heat exchange ensure indoor air quality at minimum cost, from 300 to 2,600m3/h air flow range.

Finally, the Floway Vertical is designed for modular spaces in new or renovated buildings, thanks to its slim dimensions. Floway Vertical combines heat exchange and ventilation for optimum comfort with airflows from 300 to 2,600m3/h.

Floway is designed to provide plug-and-play solutions to customers. From the air handling unit itself to peripherals including the controller, which shows information status on a display, everything is immediately operational, saving customers time with installation.

To supervise control of the system, Floway Control runs the units locally but the main functions are also accessible, through the Webserver, from an internet browser. CIATM2M, the remote monitoring solution, allows customers to track the CIAT equipment from afar.


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