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Compact CO2 compressor pack controller

GERMANY: Eckelmann has expanded its Virtus Line with a compact control unit especially for CO2 multiple compressor racks. 

The new VPC 5000 controls up to 3 MT and 3 LT compressors, integrating all functions for the operation of transcritical booster systems. These include optimum low-, high- and medium-pressure control, gas coolers, fan control, refrigerant collectors and easy connection of heat recovery systems.

Eckelmann insists that apart from the Virtus 5 system control unit, refrigeration case controllers and a single pack controller, refrigeration companies will not need any other electronic control components for the reliable operation of CO2 integrated systems.

The new pack controller saves space in the control cabinet. The compact design (255mm wide x 130mm high x 100mm deep) without lateral connections also allows for gapless series installation on the top-hat rail.

Operation is carried out via the Virtus 5 system control centre or its web interface. Alternatively, the controller can be operated and supplied with firmware updates via the easily accessible USB service interface.


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