Compressor optimised for ice makers

CISKIE-compressorUSA: Emerson has developed a reciprocating hermetic compressor specially designed to optimise the performance of ice makers.

Emerson Climate Technologies and the Design Service Network test facility is said to have analysed many current ice machines and the performance of the ice cycle tested to validate the engineering design. Unlike a typical reach-in or walk-in system with a fixed temperature application, the ice machine runs in duty cycles at different conditions. Compressors currently operating in ice machines are optimized for a 20º evaporator and 120º condensing temperature.

The new C-Series Compressor for Ice (CSKIE) is optimised for the ice cycle, ensuring that efficiency is maximised at the optimal condition during the cycle with the greatest run time. As a result, Emerson claims the CSKIE will be up to 12% more efficient than existing products.

“When compressors are optimized for specific applications with niche temperature cycles, this eliminates the need for shoe-horning standard compressors to fit the niche and force it to work,” said Don Newlon, vice president, refrigeration marketing, Emerson Climate Technologies.

“This optimisation prevents costly system changes and lowers the potential for other application issues. Typical ice machines incorporate a harvest cycle which requires the hot discharge gas to melt the ice off the evaporator plate and enable the ice to fall into a bin. High mass flow from the compressor can assist in efficiency gains and is a key point for future product development.”

The C-Series Compressor for Ice (CSKIE) will be in full production at the beginning of 2016, with 12 models offered in capacities from 3kW to 6kW and in both single-phase and three-phase.

It is designed for R404A or, on special request, with R448A, Honeywell’s lower GWP R404A  replacement.

Emerson Climate Technologies

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