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Daikin announces Modular T air handling unit

BELGIUM: Daikin Europe has announced the launch of its new Modular T series air handling unit with three separate filtration stages.

Daikin’s Modular T AHU filters outside air to remove external pollutants prior to supply and simultaneously extracts inside air, decreasing the concentration of indoor pollutants to ensure a constant supply of healthy fresh air.

The new units will be available from next month in five different sizes and an airflow range from 200m3/h up to more than 4,000m3/h. 

Air purity is said to be guaranteed, with its three separate stages of filtration ensuring a safe and healthy environment. 

1. Control unit (controls and power)
2. Fresh air filter stage (one standard)
3. Return air filter stage
4. Return fan
5. Supply fan
6. Bypass damper for free cooling
7. High efficiency counterflow PHE
8. Double fresh air filter stage
9. Third filter stage/post-heating water coil
10. Recirculation/mixing damper
11. Main cooling/heating DX or water coil

With a DX coil and plug and play connectivity, the Modular T can be combined with Daikin’s VRV or ERQ condensing units to provide a complete fresh air solution. An integral mixing damper helps optimise consumption to reduce running costs.

All boast small footprints. The largest unit has a maximum depth of 890mm and the smallest a depth of only 550mm. In addition, larger models are supplied in sections for fast, easy transportation and handling.

A comprehensive choice of accessories is offered and two different configurations, right and left.  

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