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Danfoss adds lower capacity EEVs

DENMARK: Danfoss has announced further additions to its ETS range of electric expansion valves for heat pumps, close control equipment and process chillers. 

The ETS 8M series offers additional options in the lower capacity end of the Danfoss EEV portfolio. With 4 sizes available from 12 to 40hp (62 to 114kW) with high bi-flow MOPD, Danfoss says that application costs can be massively reduced by only using one valve in both flow directions.

Key features include low opening degree and stable control, high MOPD in normal and reverse flow, linear stable flow control and dedicated L and S flow curves for modular chillers and low ambient heat pumps respectively.

The ETS 8M series is compatible with R454B as well as R32 and other low GWP refrigerants. They are also electrically compatible with existing 12V drivers.

“When developing ETS 8M, our goal was to develop a valve that brought significant advantages to system designers,” explained Victor Marinich, global marketing director, air conditioning. “With the ETS 8M range we are closing the gap in capacity between the small, efficient ETS 5M and the innovative, fast-closing ETS Colibri.”

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