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Danfoss extends A2L products

DENMARK: In a further move to adopt A2L technology, Danfoss has extended the cooling capacity range of its Optyma A2L condensing units and released A2L-ready hermetic filter driers.

The latest extension of the Optyma Plus condensing units takes available cooling capacities up to 15kW MBP and 5.9kW LBP.

Further supporting it’s A2L portfolio, Danfoss has also released new DMLE and DCLE multi-refrigerant hermetic filter driers that are compatible with A1, A2, A2L, and A3 refrigerants.

The extension to the Optyma Plus provides more application options, especially for cold rooms with evaporation temperatures down to -35°C.

The Danfoss Optyma Slim Pack and Optyma Plus condensing units feature a future-proof design compatible with both A2L and A1 refrigerants, for example R1234yf, R454C, and R455A, in the same unit. This enables customers to make a seamless transition to low GWP refrigerants when necessary. 

Filter driers

DMLE and DCLE filter driers are designed for large refrigerant volumes — withstanding a maximum working pressure (MWP) of 50bar (725 psi) and working temperature range of 40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 160°F).

They are available with copper, copper-plated, and flare connections and will offer core sizes 1.5, 3, 5, and 8in3 with filters from 1.5 to 5in3 maintaining the same dimensions and weight as the current DML and DCL filter driers.


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