Dual-opening doors

CoolsureThe Universal Door from Coolsuredoors, the new UK specialist refrigerated door company, offers a distinctive dual opening mechanism and an array of safety features.

The new door is designed to not only improve the energy efficiency of chiller cabinets but also increase productivity when restocking the shelves.

For the shopping public the glazed area has been kept to the maximum possible to offer a clear, unrestricted view of the merchandise. The sliding door has a full height handle and an automatic soft close mechanism to save energy and prevent fingers being trapped.

This automatic closing function is said to provide energy savings of up to 60% compared to an open-fronted display cabinet, dramatically limiting the loss of cold air from inside the cabinet.

The hinged door mechanism, which is not readily visible to the shopper, allows the retailer to easily access the entire retail space. By simply pressing a small button the door can be hinged fully open to enable the retailer to restock the cabinet quickly and efficiently, easily reconfigure the shelves or carry out routine maintenance.

The door’s sliding and hinged opening format ensures the door remains perfectly in line as it moves from one opening method to the other.

Designed with the safety of the customer in mind, the Universal Door is constructed from strong steel and aluminium. The door is described as combining light weight with a functional design and the minimum of maintenance.

It can be supplied fitted on a new cabinet or retrofitted to most existing cabinets, either on or off site. Availability is 6-8 weeks dependent on volume and specification.

Mike Tucker, managing director of coolsuredoors comments, “Retailers and customers alike are increasingly aware of the need to save energy. We know from retail trials that preventing the loss of cold air from chiller cabinets leads to dramatic energy savings of between 30-60%, dependent on conditions.

“This represents a significant reduction in costs for the retailer and a warmer, more comfortable shopping experience for the customer.”

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