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Emerson updates X-Line condensing unit

emerson-x-lineUSA: Emerson Climate Technologies has updated its X-Line Copeland Scroll outdoor refrigeration condensing unit.

Maintaining the same energy efficiency levels, the latest update is said to offer improved serviceability and additional communications options.

Emerson say that by consolidating five different controls into a single module that supports operation, diagnostics, compressor protection and two-way communication, the unit can monitor system status and make necessary adjustments to maximise efficiency and reliability.

The single module simplifies servicing, while a removable hinged service door and an on-board data log further aid in serviceability.

The updated units include additional refrigerant options in medium-temperature units, such as R404A, R407C/A and R134a. New options approved under the EPA’s SNAP programme like R448A, R449A and others will be added as they become available, says Emerson.

The updated units can be applied to both service replacements and new installations because of its capability to operate many different refrigerants.

Communications have been improved with two-way capabilities, allowing remote control of the system. As part of Emerson’s ecoSYS platform, the updated units can be connected to supervisory controls such as Emerson’s E2, site supervisor and XWeb controls, as well as some third party controls.

The unit can also be connected directly to a PC or accessed through an optional remote display.

All updated units come standard with advanced CoreSense diagnostics and protection to reduce potential service costs. The units also feature a slim, lightweight profile and wall mount capability for flexible mounting options. Emerson claims that they are able to operate in extreme environmental conditions, including high and low ambient temperatures as well as coastal regions.

Available for both cooler and freezer applications, the updated units are said to be ideal for convenience store and other small-format stores as well as foodservice operation.

Ranging in size from 1.5 to 6hp, the units are now being produced in Sidney, Ohio. This move will help better adapt to the regional requirements of North American customers, including product options and customer lead times, says Emerson.

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