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Engie to launch R1234ze Spectrum chiller at Chillventa

The new Spectrum Water chiller is based on the Engie’s existing Quantum Water model (above)

GERMANY: Engie Refrigeration is to introduce its new oil-free Spectrum R1234ze water chiller for process cooling applications at the forthcoming Chillventa exhibition in Nuremberg. 

First announced at the beginning of this year, along with the recently introduced Spectrum heat pump chiller, the new Spectrum Water chiller will be unveiled for the first time on Engie’s stand (7-551) at the Chillventa show.

Based on the company’s Quantum Water chiller, the Spectrum will be available for order in October in six basic models.

This water-cooled brine cooler features oil-free high-lift turbo compressors, low GWP refrigerant R1234ze and a rated refrigeration capacity of 170 to 1,100kW with chilled medium outlet temperatures reaching -10ºC. It will also be available with non-flammable A1 refrigerant R515B.

Accurate control is provided by a Siemens S7 PLC as its central control instrument with an accurate PID controller. 

In addition to the oil-free turbo compressors with magnetic bearings, the models feature flooded tube bundle heat exchangers, and an open-flash economiser integrated as standard. 

Engie says that users can also operate the Spectrum Water as a brine/water heat pump, for example in combination with ice storage systems, near-surface geothermal energy or air-pressurised hybrid coolers as a heat source. In this case, the machine produces rated thermal outputs of between 170 and 1,060kW at cooling medium temperatures of up to 50ºC, making it suitable for all types of low-temperature comfort heating applications.

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