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Güntner updates product calculator

GERMANY: Condenser manufacturer Güntner has updated and improved its product calculator for the thermodynamic design of heat exchangers.

Downloadable from the company’s website, the Güntner Product Calculator (GPC) enables condensers to be selected based on the mean temperature so that the effects of the temperature glide on evaporators are minimised.

In addition, three new refrigerants with lower GWP are available: R454, R455A and R457A.

Güntner maintains that it is the only manufacturer stating the refrigerant-side pressure drop on the data sheet.

All users have to do is enter the required application data into the easy-to-use GPC interface. Based on the indicated operating conditions (desired refrigerant or coolant, ambient humidity, evaporator and condenser temperatures) and the accessories required, the software will perform an exact thermodynamic calculation. Prices and delivery times are also shown.

The interface and printouts from the GPC are available in 15 languages.

The software can be downloaded here.

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