Heat recovery unit

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAQualitair, part of the UK’s Eaton-Williams Group, has launched a Heat Recovery Unit (HRU) that re-uses waste heat to heat hot water.

With buildings accounting for over 50% of the UK’s carbon emissions, installing a heat recovery system is a cost-effective technology. Qualitair’s HRU is said to be ideal for any business that require hot water and use refrigeration or cooling equipment that is rejecting heat that could be recovered. Typically, this includes pubs, clubs and leisure centres.

Qualitair’s heat recovery system is available in either 6kW or 10kW units. In addition to providing an energy efficient and environmentally friendly solution for re-using waste heat, it is also said to offer an attractive payback. Qualitair quotes a mid-range cellar cooler operating on average 18 hours per day will recover the HRU’s purchase and installation costs within two years (based on 2012 electricity costs).

“In the catering and leisure industries, butchery, fishmonger and dairy sectors who are high users of hot water, an HRU system offers the advantages of readily accessible free hot water on demand for cleaning, dishwashers, laundry whilst helping to reduce their energy bills,” commented Qualitair product manager Ron Pamplin.

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