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High SST Turbocors benefit data centres

DENMARK: Danfoss has increased the capabilities of its Turbocor TTS and TGS oil-free compressors to make them suitable use in centres operating at higher space temperatures.

Data centre cooling temperature requirements have risen steadily in recent years, thanks to new server technology allowing them to operate at higher space temperatures – giving operators more flexibility to benefit from lower power, infrastructure, and operating costs. 

Now, Danfoss is helping chiller OEMs meet this evolving need with a higher saturated suction temperature (SST) operating range with its oil-free Turbocor compressors.

Available on TTS and TGS compressor models designed for both air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, the new high-SST option enable select Turbocor models to generate leaving water temperatures as high as 28°C, substantially reducing compressor load and power consumption.

As well as offering high efficiencies, Turbocor compressors can also restart quickly after a power outage and require a low start-up current — meaning they can better help to maintain the set temperature in uncertain conditions, without putting strain on vital backup generators.

“Over the past decade, we’ve seen the average set point for data centres go from under 10°C, to 28°C and beyond,” explained Eddie Rodriguez, strategic marketing manager for Danfoss Turbocor.

“These higher ambient temperatures are providing data center operators with substantial energy savings, and flexibility over their cooling design. But they can cause reliability problems if the compressor is not designed for the job.

“Our new high-SST capabilities have widened the options available to chiller OEMs. Now, they’re able to deliver the long-lasting performance, cost-efficiency and innovation necessary to keep pace with larger data centre footprints, operating at higher temperatures.”

The newly-equipped Turbocor models are designed for use with A1 and A2L low-GWP refrigerants R134a, R515B, R513A and R1234ze.


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