Hitachi extends MultiZone range

RAF-RXB_RightHitachi has launched an updated and expanded MultiZone product range with new indoor and outdoor units.

Three new capacity outdoor units have been added extending the number of outdoor models to eight, and capacity from 3.3kW to 10.6kW.

Hitachi says the new 1.5kW indoor unit has been introduced to meet a changing market where smaller buildings and higher levels of insulation mean smaller indoor units can be specified, and is priced accordingly around 8% cheaper than the 1.8kW model.

The common indoor wall and floor unit designs, used for both MonoZone and MultiZone installations, simplify installer selection, stock control and improved aesthetics where single and multi combinations are installed within the same building.

The whole range is said to boast improved ESEER of up to 7.15 and SCOP of up to 4.33 (depending on the model), with cooling performances up by as much as 18% and heating performance by up to 11%. Heating capacities have also been improved by up to 22% at -7oC. In addition, sound levels have been reduced by as much as -5dB, while standby power consumption is down by an impressive 89% in some cases.

The indoor units benefit from Hitachi’s Eco sensor which operates in two steps – at 20 minutes and 60 minutes without human activity being detected within range of the sensor – which adjusts heating or cooling temperatures to maximise energy savings, while a vertical and horizontal auto swing can be combined to circulate airflow evenly around the room to avoid hot or cold spots.

Hitachi’s exclusive new Leave Home remote control timer enables temperature of between 10oC and 16oC to be selected and programmed to stop room temperatures dropping too low if areas will be unoccupied for an extended period of up to 99 days.


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