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Hubbard supplies Friulinox blast chillers

UK: Hubbard Systems is now supplying Ready blast chillers from Italian manufacturer Friulinox, providing operators with the ability to use food preparation systems like cook-freeze or cook-chill.

Available in a variety of capacities, the Ready range has been designed as a complete, ready-to-go blast chilling solution. 

Sensors constantly adjust the internal humidity to ensure food is chilled or frozen with no reduction in quality with units controlled via a 5in touch screen. This displays complete operating information using intuitive symbols, each model features a set of pre-defined operations and can store up to 99 custom programmes. These include hard and soft chill/freeze functions, allowing for delicate foods to be processed as well as foods that require a more aggressive chill/freeze.

Featuring carefully optimised airflow, the Ready range can reduce the temperature of food from 65°C to 3°C in just one hour, or from 65°C to -18°C in three and a half hours. A pre-cooling function optimises the cabinet temperature before starting a chilling/freezing cycle, helping to reduce energy consumption. 

A continuous cycle is available, keeping the system working at maximum power allowing for trays to be removed or added without compromising results.

Ready units can be set to run at any temperature down to -40°C. Once the chilling or freezing cycle is complete, the Ready can be set to automatically go into storage mode. 

Ready blast chillers are available in a range of sizes. The smallest is a compact unit capable of holding five 1/1 GN pans with a maximum product capacity of 25kg chilled or 15kg frozen. It has a footprint of 790mm wide, 820mm deep and a height of 900mm. The largest cabinet has a 24 1/1 GN capacity, can handle chilling 80kg or freezing 55kg, and measures 1100mm wide, 1080mm deep and 1860mm high.  

Each unit is also capable of handling EN1 as well as GN1 pans with no need for additional racking or shelf supports.

The exterior is constructed from hard wearing, Scotch-Brite satin finish stainless steel, while the interior coating of stainless steel features rounded corners to make cleaning easier.

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