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Hybrid terminal for hospitality sector

FRANCE: Carrier has introduced IdroFan 36XH, a hybrid hydronic terminal unit designed for applications with intermittent occupancy, such as hotels and hospitality venues. 

The design of the IdroFan 36XH is said to combine the efficiency of air induction ventilation with the high heating and cooling capacity of a fan coil. 

Operating as a stand-alone unit, Carrier says it can maintain stable, comfortable conditions for guests, while delivering energy-efficient operation, reduced running costs and flexibility for building owners. Connected to a Carrier air handling unit, the IdroFan 36XH can provide enhanced indoor air quality by delivering filtered, conditioned fresh air to the space. An optional integrated CO2 sensor can be fitted to the terminal unit.

The hydronic hybrid terminal range includes three unit sizes, all available in two-pipe or four-pipe configurations, in capacities up to 8.79kW heating and 4.7kW cooling. 

It features three operating modes, eco/quiet, comfort/quiet and active fan/boost, to address the different requirements of intermittently occupied rooms.

The eco/quiet and comfort/quiet modes enable prioritisation of lower operating costs or comfort, with conditioned fresh air supplied via the terminal by a remote air handling unit, ensuring quiet in-room performance. Eco/quiet mode is ideal for nighttime use when low sound is required and thermal conditions are less variable. Comfort/quiet mode is said to provide the same fresh air benefits with quicker temperature adjustments as needed throughout day. 

Active fan/boost mode provides rapid response for refreshing room air and adjusting temperature when a space has been previously unoccupied or when seasonal conditions require. When outdoor conditions are favourable, the system offers free-cooling.


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