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ICS adds a remote link

UK: ICS Cool Energy, the Hampshire-based temperature control solutions company, has developed ICSLink, a new real-time, remote monitoring system. 

ICSLink is said to combine data analytics, connectivity and expert support to maximise productivity, operational and energy efficiency of customers’ heating and cooling solutions.

It gives customers complete 24/7 visibility of their units, via web browser or dedicated mobile app  and allows set points to be changed remotely if necessary. 

ICSLink incorporates internal watchdogs for performance verification and reliability of temperature equipment like chillers, boilers, pumps, air handling units and fan coils. It is compatible with new and legacy equipment, rented or owned and works with customer’s building management systems.

Dave Palmer, ICS Cool Energy’s general manager for the UK and Ireland, says that ICSLink provides customers with much more than just an alarm. “With ICSLink they have full visibility of the units and our expert support to optimise and maximise their equipment’s productivity. This intelligence can also help them to better plan investment and resources to improve their business’ profitability and growth.”

 With ICSLink, customers receive a single, compatible system that can be used across their operations. Using customisable dashboards, they can access complete present and past data of their temperature control assets and have a complete oversight of their equipment including real time data analysis of hours, fuel consumption and events outside expected range, machine usage and condition.

ICS Cool Energy experts can also conduct remote technical performance and energy monitoring for more thorough fault diagnosis, reducing unnecessary site visits and optimising maintenance operations. Additionally, enhanced security with geofencing, tracking and alarm notifications for unauthorised access to the equipment, helps customers to potentially reduce insurance premiums.

“We calculate that with ICSLink customers can reduce maintenance visits at their site by 50%, resolve even 75% of the issues on a first visit and by up to 55% reduce the operational expenses related with the temperature control equipment,” said Palmer.

The ICSLink is available to buy or rent. ICS Cool Energy engineers will install the telemetry system and work with the customer to configure the interface and the customisable dashboards according to their requirements.

To give the customers the peace of mind that their equipment is constantly monitored and taken care of by the industry experts, for an optional monthly monitor service fee, ICS Cool Energy team will remotely set points, check and log of diagnostic messages, check water flow levels, generate chiller performance reports and check operating parameters.

ICS Cool Energy

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