Javac offers dual-voltage recovery machine

Javac-XTR-Pro-DV-copyUK: Javac has introduced what it claims is the first dual voltage portable recovery unit with protection against incorrect voltage.

The latest XTR-Pro-DV incorporates X-Connect-Technology to protect the recovery unit’s vital components against incorrect voltage, eg connecting a 240V supply when switched to 110V.

An upgrade to the company’s existing XTR-Pro, the new unit offers all the features of its established stablemate. This includes a heavy duty 1/2hp high torque AC motor and a built-in manifold analyser.

Like the XTR-Pro, the new dual voltage unit is capable of recovering a range of CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs and most A and B blends of these gases. Purge and self cleaning is carried out on the fly, so there is no need to shut down, and you can push, pull and sub cool by using this advanced facility.

Built in safety features include; cool to touch, refrigerant connections that point down away from your eyes, safety switches, thermal overloads, circuit breakers and convenient connection points all on one side of the unit.

The unit weighs 13kg and measures 420mm x 290mm x 420mm.


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