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JCI extends R1233zd chiller range to over 2,000 tons

USA: Johnson Controls has extended its York YZ range of R1233zd(E) centrifugal chillers up to 2,020 tons.

One of the new models, to be featured at next week’s AHR Expo in Orlando, USA, will show how the company’s magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller developments are reaching advanced levels of efficiency at even higher capacities. 

The York YZ chiller, with its special design of counterflow heat exchangers, is optimised for use with the low GWP HFO refrigerant R1233zd(E).

Introduced in 2018, and recently launched in the Middle East, the YZ chiller includes two, single-stage compressors that are paired in a series counterflow arrangement, reducing the lift on each compressor to improve overall full-load and off-design performance. The dual compressor design allows for each compressor to run individually, providing redundancy and improved off-design performance at lower loads, the company says. The design also increases turn down capabilities at low loads by continuing to provide cooling on one circuit in the unlikely event of a failure or an unplanned shutdown.

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