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Kelvion offers pay-per-use heat exchange

GERMANY: Heat exchanger manufacturer Kelvion has introduced the option of leasing its heat exchangers on a pay-per-use basis. 

In addition to the sale of heat exchangers, the German manufacturer can now offer pay-per-use (PPU) within a subscription framework on a fixed hourly rate. The offer is initially only available for heat exchangers with a focus on heat recovery.

The Heat Exchange as a Service package is offered in partnership with Austrian financing company Linx4.

Kelvion says that its Heat Exchange as a Service enables users to integrate heat exchange solutions for heat recovery into their processes in a plannable and cost-efficient manner without having to invest CAPEX. Furthermore, thanks to the IoT-connection, consumption data, among other things, can be recorded and used almost in real time.

Customers can choose between three different packages that include different maintenance options: Standard, Service and Smart. Costs for services required for commissioning the equipment are already included in all packages. Intelligent additional functions such as performance monitoring, predictive maintenance or tracking of CO2 reduction can be added.  

“We want our customers to rely on a carefree heat exchange service so that they can focus on their core processes,” said Stefan Kleinjung, project manager. “We ensure the highest reliability and efficiency of the heat exchange solutions with our selectable maintenance offerings. This can avoid unplanned shutdowns caused by leakage or inefficient operation due to fouling.”


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