Larger plug-in blast chiller

Precision 40kg blast chillerThe latest blast chiller freezer from UK commercial refrigeration manufacturer Precision boasts a product loading of up to 40kg while still operating from a standard 13A socket.

Building on the popularity of its 35kg model, Precision has introduced several design changes to increase efficiency and improve food holding quality.

Precision says that a new racking/shelving guard combined with upgraded software allows even more airflow to circulate around the product and increasing the speed of chilling. A smart refrigeration system ensures minimal gas charge and maximum performance while microprocessor-controlled, variable speed fans ensure fast blast chilling throughout the cabinet.

Of all stainless steel construction, the cabinet itself has been re-engineered with an improved condenser cover and door to increase the airflow and give a modern look.

The standard 90 minute blast cycle is started by pressing two buttons. The chill or freeze cycle can be controlled by programmed timer or by food probe. It also offers a choice of ‘soft chill’ or ‘hard chill’ modes, for different food types and consistencies.

“The blast chiller freezer only draws 6As so that means that we can supply it with a standard 13A plug whereas this type of machine typically uses a lot more energy and require a dedicated 15 or 30A supply, said a Precision spokesman.

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