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LG’s new Multi V i VRF is driven by AI

SOUTH KOREA: LG Electronics has announced the launch of the new Multi V i, its new VRF equipped with what is described as a highly evolved AI engine.

The Multi V I, which is to be launched in key global markets, starting with Europe, includes AI Smart Care, which LG says uses spatial and situational learning to adjust cooling or heating power according to several variables. These include the number of people in the room, humidity levels, and indoor and outside ambient temperature. 

AI Indoor Space Care helps maintain a steady temperature and reduce energy consumption by automatically turning on indoor units in occupied areas, and turning them off in unoccupied areas. Another efficiency-focused feature, AI Energy Management allows users to set energy consumption targets, which can help to lower the overall power usage of the Multi V i.

Users can set operational noise limits in five steps from 50 to 70dB to ensure that the sound produced by the outdoor unit does not exceed the level of volume they’ve specified.

Providing smart performance and convenience, the Weather Information Interlocking Control feature of LG’s VRF solution automatically selects custom operation modes – including automatic pre-heating and automatic snow removal – based on the weather conditions. 

LG maintains that the Multi V i surpasses the performance of its current Multi V 5 model, providing powerful, dependable performance even in extreme weather conditions. Comparison tests with an 8hp LG Multi V 5 are said to have shown a 15% increase in energy efficiency.

The reduced power consumption is also achieved by a newly designed biomimetic fan and an enhanced air-flow path. 

Full cooling capacity is said to be achieved in temperatures up to 43ºC, and full heating capacity in temperatures as low as -10ºC.

The Multi V i’s AI engine powers a variety of additional smart features, such as auto tuning and remote upgrade, which are designed to help improve convenience and the overall user experience. The auto tuning system automatically tunes the compressor and motor during initial installation or when they need replacing, allowing for faster and easier setup and servicing. Meanwhile, with the remote upgrade system, the VRF system can be automatically updated to the latest software version without an on-site service visit. Furthermore, AI Smart Diagnosis provides automated system analysis and easy-to-read status reports.

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