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Liquid chiller in two sections

ITALY: Clivet expands the application possibilities of conventional packaged products with Remotex, its new two section air-cooled liquid chiller in capacities from 240 to 2050kW.

Equipped with double refrigeration circuit and multi-scroll technology, electronic expansion valve and matched remote condenser with Axitop technology, Remotex is said to provide savings of over 30% compared to traditional solutions.

All vulnerable components are inside, fully protected from the external atmosphere and it has no external water pipes.

Available in two energy versions – Excellence and Premium – and two acoustic configurations – soundproofed and super-silenced. Operation range is up to +52°C external air temperature at partial load and down to -10°C external air temperature.

The layout of the central heating/cooling unit can be adapted to requirements. The heating and cooling capacity can be a combination of heat pumps or cooling-only functions with low noise external or compact units.


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