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MHI rolls out KXZ air conditioner replacement

JAPAN: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has redesigned all 17 models in its KXZ Series of building-use inverter multi-split air conditioners for its worldwide markets. 

The new series, the KXZ2, features a new exterior design while keeping the same outer unit dimensions. Further updates include greater flexibility when connecting indoor and outdoor units, increased operational controls, and enhanced efficiency alongside energy performance.

Production began for Europe in April 2021, with phase two of production scheduled for a successive launch across Asia, Australia and Latin America. 

The KXZ2 line benefits from an increased vertical height difference to 30m between indoor units and between indoor and outdoor units. Further improvements for installations include increased flexibility to the units’ exhaust ducts to support installations in narrow urban areas.

Improvements based on energy and performance include an updated power demand control function with three levels, compared to the previous models’ two levels, and a newly developed compressor that utilises a thrust (shaft bearing) plate to reduce energy input. 

They also feature an increased exhaust pressure of 85Pa, increasing from the previous 50Pa.

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