Mitsubishi Electric’s all-seeing eye

3D-i-See-Sensor-cassetteUK: Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new slimline cassette with a built-in occupancy sensor.

The 3D i-See Sensor scans a room to detect exactly how many people are in it and switches off the air conditioning when a room is empty.

Available immediately for the Mr Slim and City Multi 600 x 600 cassette ranges, the slim unit is only 245mm in height above ceiling, making it ideal for narrow spaces. 

The SLZ/PLFY cassette units have also been designed to make installation easier, with temporary hanging hooks, a drop-prevention cord, and hexagonal screws which can be removed even if the screw hole becomes worn.

Occupant comfort is also said to be improved with a new airflow feature which can direct air horizontally across the ceiling, helping eliminate uncomfortable drafts, and a new 3D turbo fan which reduces sound levels.

Mitsubishi Electric

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