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New body design brings real benefits

ITALY: Frascold has created a new body design for its D and Q piston compressor, bringing a number of benefits in terms of flexibility of use and noise reduction.

More specifically, the new modern design lowers the oil sight glass by 12 mm and 5 mm respectively compared to previous models, resulting in a lower oil charge and optimum lubrication and efficiency of the entire system.

Attention has also been paid to the ease of maintenance of the Standard and ATEX series D piston compressors, where the pressure ports have been aligned on one side to make maintenance work easier and faster. 

According to Frascold, the new design is much more flexible to use, thanks to the liquid injection port, which can be ordered as an optional accessory for the compressor and is located next to the suction tap. 

Attention to detail on the internal design of the compressor is also said to provide a significant reduction in vibrations.

The new Q compressor models of the Standard and ATEX series are an exclusive new entry. They also feature a new design and higher volumetric displacements of 36 and 39m³/h, making them ideal for industrial, commercial and heat pump applications.


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