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Panasonic updates heat pump options

UK: Panasonic has made technical updates to two of its R32 heat pump products. 

The Aquarea T-CAP Mono-bloc J Generation is now available in 3-phase and the water outlet temperature of its PACi water heat exchanger has now been increased to 55°C.

The 3-phase option is now available as a power supply option for heating/cooling capacities on all Aquarea T-CAP Mono-bloc J Generation models. 

Meanwhile, the company’s PACi water heat exchanger R32 Inverter’s maximum water outlet temperature has been increased to 55°C for medium temperature applications and ensures reliable performance at -20ºC in heating mode. 

To ensure optimum performance, the inlet and outlet water ports have been swapped to allow for the 55°C flow. Also, thanks to its split design, the heat exchanger can be located within the building.

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